Peter & Claire Wallendal

Peter started the farm in 1956 as an irrigated vegetable operation after pursuing a doctorate at the University of Wisconsin in Agronomic Research while Claire’s education was in Library Sciences. Peter’s passion for farming and sound agronomic practices led him to start the farm as well as challenge the status quo within his farm. Though they have passed, their legacy goes on with the farm, family, and community. Their three children, John, Carol, and Andrew, all remain active in the farm.


John Wallendal


John returned to the farm in 1984 after a brief career as a Medical Technician. His roles have included irrigation management, Integrated Pest Management, and Cost of Production development. His current position as Farm Consultant includes cross-training employees and sharing his years of expertise.

Raechel Wallendal Kosler

Human & Production Resources Manager

Raechel returned to our farm in 2015 after a career in Medical Speech-Language Pathology. She brought her husband Chad and two children to the farm as well.


Monica Wallendal


Monica, married to John, was previously as Registered Nurse focusing on neurology and community care. She joined our farm with John in 1984.

Chad Kosler

Logistics Manager

Chad, married to Raechel, moved to the farm in 2015 following experience in retail sales and management.


Andrew Wallendal


Andrew joined the farm in 1981. He had managed financial/business aspects of the farm and played an integral role in IPM. Andrew transitioned out of that role and into a consultant role on the farm. He plays an important role in assisting the 3rd generation running the farm and is involved in many boards and special counsels around the state. 

Dan Held

Agricultural Technician

Dan joined our farm in 2017. His main job is to maintain and upkeep our irrigation systems but completes fieldwork and shop machinery repairs as well. He enjoys work outdoors and is motivated by the challenges our farm present. Dan enjoys spending his spare time working on any engine type at home. 


Eric Wallendal

General Manager

Eric, John and Monica’s son, returned to our farm in 2014. Previously he was involved with a career in finance and accounting in Cargill’s chocolate division. Not only does Eric act as the GM he is also acts as the Agronomy, Crop Sales, and Capital/Finance Manager.

Fil Hulka

Agricultural Technician

Fil has been working with us since 2017. Though his farming experience is limited, his eagerness to learn and mechanical inclination have developed him into a key team member on our operation.


Megan Wallendal

Research, technology, & Business Development Manager

Megan, married to Eric, moved to our farm with him after pursuing degrees in Art and Neuroscience. Her previous agricultural experience includes growing up and working on her family’s Choose & Cut Christmas tree farm.

Joshua Johnson


Joshua joined our farm in the Fall of 2018. Joshua has a degree in Soil and Crop Science and Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and is also a Certified Crop Adviser. He had been working with our farm as an independent crop consultant prior to joining our team. His knowledge and our expanding crop rotation helped us decide to bring him onto the farm full time.