Our Farm

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Practice & Passion

Wallendal Farms is a family owned and operated operation in Grand Marsh, Wisconsin. The Wallendal’s have always been guided by strong family values but also a passion for growing food responsibly and preserving the natural resources around them. Wallendal Farms uses technology and innovation to protect the environment and also produce a high quality, organic food.   

Wallendal Farms grows both Organic and conventional crops and produce. Peter and Claire Wallendal originally started farming in Coloma Corners, Wisconsin in 1956. Before launching his farming career, Peter already had a career in agriculture. He contributed to the creation of the NRCS state of Wisconsin soil mapping while working for his PhD in Soil Science. Although Wallendal Farms has changed a lot since 1956 the Wallendal Family’s passion for farming and agriculture has remained.

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Practicing Integrity

We recognize our co-existence with our team, partners, community, and environment while we act to protect their integrated interests.


We challenge best practices in business and science and are connoisseurs of research within our partnerships.



We remain dynamic by engaging in industry and local trends, while listening to our customers and partners.

Uphold Family

We balance a respect for our history with an excitement for our future.


Partner of Choice

Our customers, employees, and vendors are proud to call us their partner because we hold ourselves to a high standard of service.


We balance environmental sensitivity with practical outcomes. We integrate and weigh our business with the environment, allowing us to endure.